December 7, 2011

Show news

Apparently I have forgotten to add the recent show news. Better late than never. :)

Tartto, Estonia 5.-6.11.

Dlarah Beep Beep (Piitu) won CAC (CC) and 2 CACIBs. She became also Estonian Champion (EE CH). One Cacib more from a country X and she becomes International Champion. So far I haven't decided where we are heading with Ms Piitu. :)

Helsinki, Finland 3.12.

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare (Ilpo) won title Helsinki Junior Winner 2011 (HeJW-11) and male CAC (CC) under Swedish judge. Ilpo is such a special boy - can't wait to see how he will turn up to be as an adult. Best part in the whole weekend for Ilpo was that he got to play with his granddad Draco (Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy). On Fri-Sat night they wrestled until 7 in the morning.

Photos are coming when weather gets little nicer and I dare to take camera out. :)

Draco has settled in extremely well. Words can't describe how happy I am that he is back home. Draco is so special. :)

October 21, 2011

Draco is home safe and sound

At 6.40am today flight AY096 landed to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Inside the plane was a package that was worth more than it's weight in gold.. Draco (Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy) had journeyed from across the world to be home again.

I sent Draco to Australia 5 years and 10 months ago to my dear friend Leonie Darling (Dlarah kennel). He was 11 months old then. I never stopped missing that very special dog who had super temperament and who was so dear to me. Draco became Leonie's "once in a lifetime dog" and he was a very special bond between me and Leonie. I never forget those calls that I got.. "Draco has won a group!" or "Draco became Grand Champion!" or "Draco passed his herding instinct test!" or "Draco's puppies are born!" or "Draco won Best in Show!". We were both so happy with Draco's achievements down under and shared so many laughs and joys!

Draco had three litters in Australia, which is a good amount for a country with so small gene pool. Leonie was criticized that she didn't let others use Draco. Three litters is enough and I'm extremely thankful that Leonie didn't let Draco to become "Mr Matador". Draco had fantastic puppies - of course there were pet quality puppies too! His descendants are imported in Canada, USA, UK, NZ and Finland - I'm privileged to have one living with me, fantastic Dlarah Beep Beep (Piitu).

I'm extremely thankful for Anne and Joan for letting me have Draco back home and also for Narelle and Ken Hammond (Animal Travel) for arranging Draco's flight back home. Thank you so much.

Even I was incredibly happy to see Draco again it also means I have to finally accept that Leonie is gone. But even I am not able to see her in this life again I'm pretty sure she is watching over us and smiling. Thank you Leonie for everything you did for Draco and me. I miss you more than words can tell.

October 1, 2011

Eckerö International Show 25.9.2011

And it was time for our annual trip to Åland island between Sweden and Finland.

Judge Annette Bystrup from Denmark judged the breed and group 5. Judge Per Iversen from Norway judged BIS-final for breeder's teams and Espen Engh from Norway judged BIS-final.

We had some fantastic results: Dlarah Beep Beep won CACIB, Best of Breed and Best in Group! Konnunkodon breeder's team won Runner-up Best in Show! Not to forget other results.. Konnunkodon Ingavar Isbrytare won CAC (CC), Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula won CAC (CC) and RES-CACIB, Konnunkodon Buffy won Best Veteran of the Breed, Dlarah Ghostbuster won Best of Opposite Sex and BOS-veteran. Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma and Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir got both CK.

Breeder's team's citique.. :)

Beautiful breeders class made of 3 combinations. All show health, breed spesific details, excellent temperaments, sound movements, friendly characters. Breeders has to be proud what she has done and shows strong line.

Thank you everybody for making this success possible!

Konnunkodon breeder's team Runner-up Best in Show

Dlarah Beep Beep in Best in Show-final

Dlarah Beep Beep in group competition

Dlarah Beep Beep Best in Group

Dlarah Beep Beep in group competition

Dlarah Ghostbuster, 10 years

Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir

Breeder (Halla) with bunch of lovely Konnunkodon & Dlarah bred dogs

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare, 9 months

Mother and daughter: Sydspetsens Sonja P & Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula

Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula, 16 months

July 31, 2011

Speciality Show for Swedish Vallhunds

Finnish Swedish Vallhund Association (breed club) turned 20 years this year so this was a "special Speciality". Judges were both specialists too - Melanie Harris (Candace Swedish Vallhunds, UK) judged females (75 entries) and Rosie Peacock (Kirkholme Swedish Vallhunds, UK) judged males (53 entries) and puppies (16 entries). It was really a lovely day! Thank you for everyone involved!

In puppy class Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma won her class and Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare became 4th. Konnunkodon Ivar Iskarl didn't place this time.

In junior class Konnunkodon Hugo Boffin was awarded with Very Good and Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula with Excellent.

Konnunkodon Drogo Baggins won open class males (20 entries!) and he was placed 4th best male among 53 males with RES-CAC.

Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir became 2nd in champion class and she was placed 4th best bitch among 75 females.

Dlarah Ghostbuster won veteran class and was BOS-veteran.

Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste got Excellent in veteran class females.

Konnunkodon Igor Isbjörn became 2nd in tourist class under Rosie Peacock.

Dlarah Ghostbuster

Dlarah Ghostbuster

Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir

Konnunkodon Igor Isbjörn

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare

Konnunkodon Drogo Baggins

Sibling love.. Konnunkodon Hugo Boffin & Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula

Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula

Konnunkodon Ivar Iskarl

Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma

July 23, 2011

Show news

Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula (Tuittu) won her 2nd CAC today in Tornio International Show. She would have won Cacib too but she is one month too young to receive Cacib.

July 14, 2011

To my dear friend

With heavy and saddened heart I write this.

My dear friend Leonie Darling (Dlarah Swedish Vallhunds) has passed away in tragic car accident which claimed her life today.

There are not enough words to express how greatly she will be missed. Not just her family and friends but also world wide dog world.

Our breed has lost one of it's the greatest breeders and strongest persons. And many of us have lost a dear friend.

Thank you for being my beloved friend, Leonie. I miss you so much.

Halla and Dlarah Ghostbuster (Casper) and Dlarah Beep Beep (Piitu)

July 10, 2011

Show news

Konnunkodon bred dogs had many wins this weekend - my warmest congratulations for their owners!

Siblings Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma (Wimma) and Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare (Ilpo) were shown in puppy classes. Wimma was shown on Saturday and she was Best Puppy of the Breed (there were 3 Swedish Vallhund puppies in the show). Ilpo was shown on Sunday and also he was Best Puppy of the Breed! There were 5 puppies in that show. These lovely Piitu-puppies are now 7 months old. :)

On Sunday Konnunkodon Galahad (Jedi) won his first CAC and BOS in his first official show and Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (Etta) won her second CAC!

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare
Konnunkodon Galahad (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Galahad & Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma

June 27, 2011

Visitor from northern Finland

Konnunkodon Galahad (Jedi) stayed with us for almost a week. He lives in northern Finland so we don't meet very often but as always, it was such a joy to spend time with this lovely young dog. He is such a happy and social fellow! :)

Jedi was also health scored a month ago with nice results: hips B/B, elbows 0/1, knees 0/0 and spine was normal. :)

Konnunkodon Galahad 2 years (Grålötens Vandra Vidare - Konnunkodon Elbereth) owner Sanna Vartiainen, Oulu

June 13, 2011

Visitor from down under

We had a very special visitor from down under - Leonie Darling from Australia. Leonie is the breeder of Casper (Dlarah Ghostbuster) and Piitu (Dlarah Beep Beep), only Australian Swedish Vallhunds in Nordic. Leonie stayed with us for a week and we had so much fun and met many wonderful dogs (and people) during that time. Leonie also judged in Pieksämäki show where was a very good entry of Swedish Vallhunds, and in bordercollie & kelpie speciality.

We are all hoping that Leonie is able to come to WDS 2014 in Finland so we can meet again! :))

Some photos that were taken during Leonie's visit to Finland..

Konnunkodon Igor Isbjörn 6 months

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare 6 months

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare 6 months

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare & Maiskis Leomer (sire Dlarah Ghostbuster)

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare & Maiskis Leomer (sire Dlarah Ghostbuster)

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare & Maiskis Leomer (sire Dlarah Ghostbuster)

Maiskis Leomer (sire Dlarah Ghostbuster)

Dlarah Ghosbuster almost 10 years

Dlarah Ghosbuster almost 10 years

Leonie & Casper

Leonie & Piitu

Sonja 9 years

Sonja's daughter Tuittu (Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula) 1 year

June 5, 2011


It has been a while since I updated recent news in this blog. Let's start with show news..

Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (Etta) and her brother Konnunkodon Hugo Boffin (Patrik) participated in their first show on their mother's 9th birthday on May 14th. Patrik was 2nd best male and he won RESCAC. Etta won all other bitches and he was rewarded with her first CAC and BOS.

A couple of weeks earlier we participated in May Day show. Konnunkodon Fenrir Varg (Rölli) was Best of Breed, his grandmother Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste was Best of Breed veteran and Konnunkodon breeder's team was Best of Breed team.

Konnunkodon Breeder's team: Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir, Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula, Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste and Konnunkodon Fenrir Varg

Some health checks have also been done.. Konnunkodon Galahad (Grälötens Vandra Vidare - Konnunkodon Elbereth) was X-rayed from tail to ears. His hips were graded as B/B, elbows 0/1, knees 0/0 and his spine is normal and healthy. Konnunkodon Cerridwen who turns 8 years in July, was in eye check. A year ago she was all ok but now vet saw some retinopathy in her other eye. Other eye was ok. We are going to check her again soon to make sure what kind of changes are lurking in her eyes.

Then puppy news.. unfortunately Konnunkodon Elbereth is not in whelp. We are making another attempt from her next season. We are also still waiting for Konnunkodon Fulla Asynja's season to start.

Our last litter turned 6 months and they are starting to look like adult dogs now. Bites are ok, testicles are there and puppies look very nice and promising. White puppy Igor has stayed pure white but he has some cream coloured guard hairs in his back, tail and ears.

Here are some photos from last month:

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare & Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma 5 months

Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma 5 months

Family gathering: Konnunkodon Freki Varg, grandmother Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste, mother Konnunkodon Cymoril and sister Konnunkodon Frigga Asynja.

Konnunkodon Ingeborg Iskristall 5 months

Konnunkodon Ingeborg Iskristall 5 months

Konnunkodon Ingjald Isflak 5 months

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare 5 months

Son of our import Dlarah Ghostbuster: Maiskis Leomer 2years

Puppies of our import Dlarah Ghostbuster: Maiskis Leomer and Maiskis Limonia, 2years

Daughter of our import Dlarah Ghostbuster: Maiskis Limonia 2years

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare 5 months (photo Jasmin Rauha)

Konnunkodon Ingo Isberg 6 months (photo Susanna Turpeinen)
Konnunkodon Ingo Isberg 6 months (photo Susanna Turpeinen)
Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti, Konnunkodon Ingo Isberg, Konnunkodon Elendil (photo Susanna Turpeinen)
Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma 4 months