July 31, 2011

Speciality Show for Swedish Vallhunds

Finnish Swedish Vallhund Association (breed club) turned 20 years this year so this was a "special Speciality". Judges were both specialists too - Melanie Harris (Candace Swedish Vallhunds, UK) judged females (75 entries) and Rosie Peacock (Kirkholme Swedish Vallhunds, UK) judged males (53 entries) and puppies (16 entries). It was really a lovely day! Thank you for everyone involved!

In puppy class Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma won her class and Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare became 4th. Konnunkodon Ivar Iskarl didn't place this time.

In junior class Konnunkodon Hugo Boffin was awarded with Very Good and Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula with Excellent.

Konnunkodon Drogo Baggins won open class males (20 entries!) and he was placed 4th best male among 53 males with RES-CAC.

Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir became 2nd in champion class and she was placed 4th best bitch among 75 females.

Dlarah Ghostbuster won veteran class and was BOS-veteran.

Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste got Excellent in veteran class females.

Konnunkodon Igor Isbjörn became 2nd in tourist class under Rosie Peacock.

Dlarah Ghostbuster

Dlarah Ghostbuster

Konnunkodon Freyja Vanir

Konnunkodon Igor Isbjörn

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare

Konnunkodon Drogo Baggins

Sibling love.. Konnunkodon Hugo Boffin & Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula

Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula

Konnunkodon Ivar Iskarl

Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma

July 23, 2011

Show news

Konnunkodon Hilda Piukkapaula (Tuittu) won her 2nd CAC today in Tornio International Show. She would have won Cacib too but she is one month too young to receive Cacib.

July 14, 2011

To my dear friend

With heavy and saddened heart I write this.

My dear friend Leonie Darling (Dlarah Swedish Vallhunds) has passed away in tragic car accident which claimed her life today.

There are not enough words to express how greatly she will be missed. Not just her family and friends but also world wide dog world.

Our breed has lost one of it's the greatest breeders and strongest persons. And many of us have lost a dear friend.

Thank you for being my beloved friend, Leonie. I miss you so much.

Halla and Dlarah Ghostbuster (Casper) and Dlarah Beep Beep (Piitu)

July 10, 2011

Show news

Konnunkodon bred dogs had many wins this weekend - my warmest congratulations for their owners!

Siblings Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma (Wimma) and Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare (Ilpo) were shown in puppy classes. Wimma was shown on Saturday and she was Best Puppy of the Breed (there were 3 Swedish Vallhund puppies in the show). Ilpo was shown on Sunday and also he was Best Puppy of the Breed! There were 5 puppies in that show. These lovely Piitu-puppies are now 7 months old. :)

On Sunday Konnunkodon Galahad (Jedi) won his first CAC and BOS in his first official show and Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (Etta) won her second CAC!

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare
Konnunkodon Galahad (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Galahad & Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma